For many years we have been thinking about how to combine the virtual and the real world to give people the best possible answer to the question “Where?”.

From what was originally a community project, we’ve gradually built a global service with a robust IT backbone that tracks shark movements, saves energy in cities, or helps people fight pandemics by projecting data onto maps.

But we’ve kept one thing in mind all along: simplicity and usability for those who are looking. Because everyone should have the right to better planning and decision-making through maps.

"You don't have to understand maps, data and how they are connected. Just tell us what you need to see and we'll figure it out."
"You don't have to understand maps, data and how they are connected. Just tell us what you need to see and we'll figure it out."

Mapotic timeline

We started to work on location data platform and created cloud products for B2B and serves national tourism agency CzechTourism or maps for Ministry of Foreign affairs.


Over 1M data points created, Mapotic empowers  #MoveTheDate global movement for the Global Footprint Network and many more.

We create other projects with global impact. Like Dámerouš, which connects those in need with facemask makers, and we’re replicating them in 10 other countries.

A global website and app, OCEARCH Shark Tracker, is being created to help scientists and app users track shark movements in the oceans.


Mapotic raises capital and we launch it with COEX on a global scale.

We integrate additional software, IoT monitoring into Mapotic, creating a comprehensive mapping platform with unlimited applications.


Mapotic finishes 3rd out of 200 entrants in the Vodafone Idea of the Year competition. Mapotic, s.r.o. is officially established.


We are presenting Mapoptic platform on Web Summitu.

More and more maps are being created on Mapotic. For example, a network of biofarmers, non-profit and volunteer organizations, or fans of various sports. There are hundreds of thousands of users.


It seems that combining data and information in a geolocation context makes a lot of sense and has a lot of potential. We’re stepping in and the Mapotic community mapping network is emerging.

Our project VozejkMap wins gold at the Czech Donors Forum and silver at the Open Data Contest. In addition, it helps wheelchair users in the Czech Republic find the right path without barriers.

Swimplaces app reached 60 000 downloads.


We win the Internet Effectiveness Awards for the development of the Swimplaces website and app. And we show what we can do among Czech startups.

We create the first Swimplaces smart map. We use it to map natural swimming pools in the area and share it among friends. There are no Google maps yet. Just imagine how excited they are. And finally, we’re turning it into an app.


Verified by the Community

Mapotic is used by volunteer organizations, non-profits and individuals around the world. They have created thousands of unique maps.

We started Mapotic in the community. To this day, it still allows useful content to be shared. It connects people with the same interests, even if they are on the other side of the planet. People enrich each other’s information, knowledge, experience and help the less fortunate ones.

And we believe that in doing so, we are helping to make the world a better place, at least a little bit. For all of us.

This was our story, what is yours?