Data platform that will be the engine of your dream mapping project

Upload data from CRM, ERP, open-source or third-party sources. You set up requirements for processing and regular updates. And then you build a mobile app or any geolocation service with map or filtering on the smart platform.

Smart data processing, on which you can build virtually anything

For example, mobile apps tracking the movements of endangered sharks and manatees work thanks to the data platform. The platform powers embedded maps on hotel, city or high school competition websites. And it also serves as a standalone data service. The solution can handle any task that involves working with geolocation data, displaying it in lists or filtering it. Quickly and without the unnecessary risk of paralyzing yourself, your colleagues or the entire company for three quarters.

Mobile apps

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Embedded maps

Data platform powers


Tips for trips, planned events, accommodation availability or restaurant opening hours. Dynamic and static data in business and public sector applications.

Wildlife tracking

Conservation and monitoring of endangered species that move along coastlines and in ocean currents. An application as a tool for non-profits or researchers.


Moving couriers around town, placing orders at pick-up points or delivering goods in trucks across half of America. A map as a tool for the company and customers.

A working platform will save you time, money and untie your hands

We’ve built a system that can handle a variety of data sets. It connects information from CRM, ERP, Google Sheets or even sensors placed on pallets. The datasets are sorted according to the right structure and are rady for any use. The quality of the platform is tested by millions of users every day. This allows you to let go of the core and devote all your energy to the part of the service that users will see.

Fast delivery

The platform is ready for use in a few weeks.

High flexibilty

You can build anything on it that will benefit you.


It costs a fraction of the price compared to custom development.


Non-stop technical support.

Functions and benefits

What the Mapotic platform can do

Import data from CRM, Google Sheets and other sources

We configure a data bridge between the map and the systems you use or need – the amount of sources or frequency of updates doesn’t matter. We can handle classic CRMs and even tools like cloud-based telemetry and IoT systems.

Manage content from a clear interface and automatic translations

The data platform includes a so-called back office for content editing. All content can be linked to high-quality automated translations tools (DeepL, AutoML).

Dynamic and static data, scalability

The platform is ready for really large volumes of static and dynamic data. It’s up to you whether you need hundreds or hundreds of thousands of data. Mapotic will adapt to you.

Data in the right structure

The platform will process the data into the form that benefits you the most. You decide whether to display the data in clear maps, use lists with meta data, or allow users to filter it intuitively.

Integration with other systems via API

Easily connect your data outputs via API to whatever you need – mobile app, web or internal system.

Customize the platform

If you need something extra, our developers will customize the platform for you.

Support, monitoring and backup

24/7 technical support, regular data backup and monitoring of the platform.

Projects powered by the data platform

How much will the data platform cost?

Start with a no-obligation consultation of your project


Free consultation


Concept finetuning


Development and testing


Launch, maintenance and development