Embedded maps that will delight visitors

With an embedded map, you can display points of interest and rich descriptions directly on your website. Structured and easy to follow. It doesn’t matter if the data is static or constantly changing GPS position. By visualizing them in a map, you improve your customers’ web browsing experience or make it easier for managers to work in your ERP system.

Embedded maps help with turtle conservation or make science more popular with schoolchildren.

Mapotic tracks the movements of endangered animals, provides locals and tourists with tips on events in the area and also allows the tracking of stratospheric balloons launched by high school students in a science competition. If you want to work with geolocation data directly on your website or internal system, Mapotic’s solution can handle your task. Whatever you’re planning.

Sea Turtle Conservancy

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Touch the space

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Embedded maps powers


Tips for trips, planned events, accommodation availability or restaurant opening hours. Dynamic and static data in business and public sector applications.

Wildlife tracking

Conservation and monitoring of endangered species that move along coastlines and in ocean currents. An application as a tool for non-profits or researchers.


Moving couriers around town, placing orders at pick-up points or delivering goods in a truck across half of America. A map as a tool for the company and customers.

Fine-tuned platform, tailored settings and then a single line of code

Embedded maps are powered by Mapotic’s sophisticated platform. It easily connects different data sources, displays map data exactly how users need it, and has smart filtering or list loading sorted out. The quality of the platform is tested every day by millions of users from all over the world. As a result, we don’t have to build the basics for every project and we spend all our time on getting it right. Once debugged, we embed the map on the web or in the internal system with a single line of code.
Fast delivery

The mobile app is ready to use in just a few weeks.


It fits your requirements exactly.


It displays complex data simply
and directly on your website.

Features and benefits 

What Mapotic embedded maps can do

Design maps accurately to your liking

The type of map, detailed information and all controls will be in your chosen design. Mapotic’s embedded map allows for white labeling and is also linked to your domain so it cannot be abused by competitors.

Manage photos, captions and other data from a clear interface

The mobile app is connected to the content editing platform. The so-called back office runs on the cloud and you can edit all your data from your computer, whether you’re in the office, at home or on a business trip.

Smart translations, app control and content in different languages

The content management interface and the app itself are designed to work in multiple languages. Data can be connected to high-quality automated translation tools (DeepL, AutoML) and can be managed from the back office. The application recognizes and automatically switches to the user’s language.

Import data into the application from CRM, Google Sheets and other sources

Configure a data bridge between the application and the systems you use. We can handle classic CRMs and even tools like cloud-based telemetry and IoT systems.

User accounts for clients, employees or community members

If you want to allow users to work under their own profile, we’ll add quick registration, easy login and logout. For example, users can add photos, save favourite places on the map or write reviews. And you can send them newsletters and build a vibrant community.

Different map views and layers

The app supports different map layers. We’ll help you choose ones that best fit your project – like those from Google, Esri or Windy. View routes, waypoints or heat maps with ease. Users will see the data in the form they need.

Clear lists and intuitive filtering

There can be thousands of items in a map application. To help users quickly find the data they need, we make it easy by displaying lists or filtering by various advanced parameters.

Map location details with information in a clear structure

A pin stuck in a map is no longer enough. We can add data to each location from constantly updated sources or external services. For example, the user can get a tip on a good hotel with direct booking, restaurant opening times and weather forecasts. Always clearly structured.

Embedded maps running on Mapotic platform

How much will the embedded map cost?

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Concept finetuning


Development and testing


Launch, maintenance and development