Location data and maps for a better society

Use maps and data to improve lives locally or nationally

Maps and spatial information are an integral part of the mix of tools for the successful management or development of municipalities, cities and countries. Mapotic helps you to present data easily, get feedback or collect data automatically. 

Challenges Mapotic most often helps with

Getting feedback from citizens

Get feedback on upcoming projects, either directly in maps or by linking to questionnaires, etc.

Presenting data in simple way

Compared to the usual systems, we can present data in a more understandable way and get it out to more people.

Public involvement

Not only can people view the output in the maps, they can also design new content if you allow them to.

Simplifying complex GIS data

GIS is sometimes a rocket science, with Mapotic you can interpret data easily and still maintain filtering options etc.

Linking to existing databases

You can easily import or link your data to Mapotic to keep it up-to-date.

Analysing and automation

We have analytical tools and reporting in the maps so you can measure results or make the project even better.

Data presenting, development planning or real-time data analysing in the field

Few mapping tools allow getting data from public as well as presenting them. Mapotic can also be connected to open source data or generate it through it. And with the connection to innovative IoT sensors you get a powerful tool for the development of your city.

Solutions that already help in this field

Our projects and use cases

Gorizia Town Development

Use case in progress

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Use case in progress

Prague Courtyard Mapping

Use case in progress

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