Let's use digital tools for the good of the planet and for a better world.

The ongoing changes to our environment are having a negative impact on the state of this world we are going to leave to future generations. With our tools we want to help people who are trying to reverse or slow this down. We co-operate with many non-profits and projects in different areas. Our mission is to use digital tools and geographic data for the benefit of the planet.

In which areas Mapotic helps

Species extinction and biodiversity loss

Animal and plant species are becoming extinct, imbalances in natural processes are increasing and threatening essential ecosystems.

Greenhouse gas production

Emissions of greenhouse gases and the subsequent rise in temperature, which in turn leads to rising sea levels, melting polar ice caps, flash floods and desertification…

Waste management

Moving messengers around town, dropping off orders at pick-up points or delivering goods in trucks across half of America. A map as a tool for companies and customers.

Excessive tourism

Animal and plant species are becoming extinct, increasing imbalances in natural processes are threatening essential ecosystems.

Social inequality

Emise skleníkových plynů a následné zvýšení teploty, které pak vede zvýšení hladiny moří, tání polárních ledovců, bleskovým záplavám a desertifikaci..

Changes in the oceans

Pohyb kurýrů po městě, ukládání objednávek na odběrná místa nebo doručování zboží v kamionu přes půl Ameriky. 

Turn data into information and visualise it in maps

Modern technology and data from satellites help scientists to understand nature, its patterns as well as unusual phenomena. By putting information in context, we can prevent and prepare for climate change better.

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