Effective use of technology for travellers in the 21st century

The tourism industry has undergone tremendous changes in recent decades. From the advent of digital tools and the internet to changes in travel options and travellers’ preferences. Our tools allow us to respond to these changes and use them for the benefit of regions and travellers themselves

Challenges Mapotic most often helps with

Excessive tourism

Reducing excessive tournouts to most popular sites and its distribution over time. 

Distribution of travellers to regions

Directing tourists to regions with attractive content and smart tools.

Growing amount of changing data

Connecting different data and content feeds and linking them to actual data sources.

Multilingual content

Automated translations reaching native speaker quality for all your content.

Supporting local tourism

Supporting small entrepreneurs in the region, connecting them to external services and booking platforms.

Sustainable travelling

Utilising trends and refining tourists towards sustainable tourism. 

Up-to-date content and the right tools to present it

Manage tourism content in the cloud and present it on any device and in context with attractive maps. Take advantage of automated translation options, connect to constantly updated databases and link your project to existing services.

Solutions that already help in this field

Our projects and use cases

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