Turist industry in post-covid era

Get ahead of the competition with data and modern tools

It is said that the question of “where” is involved in up to 80% of all human activity and decision-making. If you have the right idea and content, you can get ahead of the competition or see something others can’t.

Challenges Mapotic most often helps with

Way too complex GIS tools

We make geolocation data available outside the field of GIS and data analysts.

Challenging and expensive custom development

Custom application or software development is usually expensive and time consuming. Mapotic is built for a variety of purposes without the need for development.

CRM with limited options

You can easily connect CRM and other systems to get additional tools for marketing or business.

Challenging original content creation

You don’t have to create new content, but aggregate it from existing data. And then use it in campaigns or as a new communication channel.

Limited work with users

Mapotic allows you to register users under your brand, build community or customer database.

Social networks with own interests

You create content for your project, not for a global social network. It’s all in your own hands. 

Present your content with maps or use location data for commerce

Create new content in the cloud and present it to users with tools you control. Or take existing data and turn it into information that helps you to make better decisions.

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