Tracking animal movements

Correctly displayed data is more important than ever

Animal species are disappearing at a frightening rate. That’s why there’s no time to put off projects that will help research or increase public interest. We offer you a platform that can process data from different sources and display it exactly the way you need it – for example, in a mobile app or an embedded map on the web.


Millions of users from Alaska to New Zealand test the quality of our solutions on daily basis

With Mapotic you can built any project that needs to display sensoric data. We are able to get your project up and running in just a few weeks while keeping the price far from custom development. This enables you to fully focus on developing your project, whether it’s a web map or a mobile app.

What Mapotic's platform allows you to do

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Projects running in Mapotic

Learn about mobile apps and embedded maps that help with animal tracking.

Tracking the movements of sharks is helping scientists restore a lost balance in the oceans.

Sea Turtles Conservancy

A project to save endangered turtles in the Atlantic Ocean.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

A project to support awareness and scientific research on endangered manatees.

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