Do you have a mission or a hobby?

Harness the power of communities and digital maps

We believe that maps are an excellent means of sharing knowledge, connecting people and providing information for better decision-making. Mapotic is a unique platform that combines location-based tools and social features such as crowdsourcing and getting feedback.

Our collaborative maps help to connect dreamers and enthusiasts around the world

Use maps to bring information, knowledge and experience to people who share your interests.  Become drivers of interactions that support the development of what you are interested in. With Mapotic, users can easily add new content or enrich and evaluate existing content or connect with each other. 

What Mapotic's platform allows you to do

Features and benefits that our customers love.

Projects running thanks to Mapotic

Learn about the mobile apps and embedded maps that are helping communities around the world grow. 

Global Footprint Network

Mapotic and Global Footprint Network connect global environmental communities.


A map of community gardens, composters and other places that are actively growing and composting.


A website and mobile app that helps you find the best natural swimming spots every summer.

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