Destination management

Provide a quality and up-to-date tourist service

Tourism has been significantly transformed by the internet and globalisation. The Mapotic service ensures connection to current data sources and display of outputs on the web or mobile application. The platform allows you to leverage the economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects of the changing tourism industry for its long-term and sustainable development.


Manage tourism
with accurate data

Combine the right tools to distribute tourists to regions, promote the destination, develop regional centres or involve partners and private entrepreneurs.

What Mapotic's platform allows you to do

Funkce a benefity, které naši zákazníci nejvíce oceňují.

Project running in Mapotic

Read about mobile apps and embedded maps that help develop tourism locally and nationally. 


Tracking the movements of sharks is helping scientists restore a lost balance in the oceans.

Amazing places

The half-million-strong Facebook travel group has one of the most popular travel apps in the country.

LOT Swieboda

The Polish region uses Mapotic to showcase the region, display points of interest, routes and gamification.

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