Monitoring turnouts

Counting visitors and cyclists and displaying them in the context of maps

The combination of our platform and innovative, battery-powered and permanently online devices allow counting the movement of people or of any objects. It will find use in the outdoors, especially in mountains, national parks and hiking trails. The data can be displayed in the context of maps and with graphs and summary statistics.

Get data for better planning and investment

Together with Hardwario, an innovative manufacturer of IOT devices, we offer an affordable solution that does not need external power supply, allows sending data almost real-time, is based on reliable Czech-made hardware and is also at a reasonable price.

What Mapotic's solution enables you to do

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Hardware parameters

A sample configuration of a typical end device from Hardwario, on which Mapotic has a tuned data connector.

  • CHESTER hardware platform (Hardwario)
  • Power supply SAFT LSH 14 battery
  • Housing Plastic 130x175x45 mm, IP 67, colour light grey and dark grey
  • Temperature range -40 to +70 C
  • Battery life: 12 months – 36 months
  • Connectivity: LP WAN module, Nb-IoT

Sensors and equipment

  • TOWER PIR Module
  • Temperature sensor
  • BLE module
  • GNSS module
  • 3-axis accelerometer

Projects running thanks to Mapotic

Read about the mobile apps and embedded maps that serve thousands of travellers around the world. 

The Tatras National Park

Pilot project to count the number of tourists going through the largest Slovak national park.

Roads in the Liberec Region

Telemetry and real-time data display in maps for road maintenance in the region.

Your project

We’d love to hear about your project, whether it’s in the field of counting people, smart cities or in a completely different field.

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