Travel apps and embedded maps

Create a solution that travellers will carry with them at all times

Like you, we love to travel and discover new places. After many years of development, we have a configurable solution that can work flexibly with points of interest in lists and maps and much more. We can quickly and efficiently turn your lists or Google maps into an attractive output that can be used for community building, marketing or your own business model.

Structured, rich and still up-to-date content

You can build anything that interests you on Mapotic, from simple embedded maps to complex travel apps. The project can be launched in a few weeks and for a fraction of costs of custom development and you can devote all your energy to developing your project.

What Mapotic's platform allows you to do

Features and benefits that our customers love.

Projects running thanks to Mapotic

Read about the mobile apps and embedded maps that serve thousands of travellers around the world. 

Czech tourism

Weekend tips mobile app is used by tens of thousands of local and foreign tourists.

Amazing Places

A half-million travel group on Facebook needed an app. 

LOT Swieboda

The Polish region uses Mapotic to present the region, display points of interest, routes and gamification.

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