Flexible mapping platform that manages data easily and turns them into gold

Smart maps on the web, mobile apps or a powerful platform. Mapotic can be used in many ways. Thanks to the geolocation context of the data, you will always discover something new. Optimize your costs, track shipments or acquire new customers.


Custom mobile app

Popular uses of Mapotic. In the mobile app, we connect and display data for your team or circle of users. We’ll build it all on the Mapotic platform under your brand, or we’ll connect the data to your existing app.

Millions of users from Alaska to New Zealand check the quality of the app every day.

Embedded maps

With an embedded map, you can view points of interest and rich descriptions directly on the site. It doesn’t matter if the source data is static or dynamic – the map always stays up-to-date and clear. Visualizing them in the map improves the customer browsing experience.


Data platform

Custom platform or other tailored solutions. With Mapotic, we guide you through the project from feasibility study to development to finished map technology. Quickly and without the unnecessary risk of paralyzing your entire company for three quarters.

Data in the First place

Every project built on Mapotic needs good data. We’ll help you find and structure it.

Data collection and crowdsourcing

Data from enterprise systems, spreadsheets, open data from catalogues or government, data from satellites, dynamic data from space or user comments and photos directly in Mapotic. We can collect, store and deploy all this in your project.

Connection with BI

Let’s connect the unconnected. Put the correct data sets into context and combine them into a map. We link existing spatial, analytical and satellite data to reveal new potential. This will improve your business model, processes and insight into buying power.

Dynamic data in maps

You can see work processes, traffic or animal movements in Mapotic right here and right now, in the exact position and direction of movement. Even without WiFi and GPS. Easily connect messengers with customer support or streamline routes for drivers.

Functions and benefits

Mapotic essentials

Community and co-op

Mapotic is strong in engaging employees, customers and external users. They can create reviews, upload photos, videos and comments.

Simple data display

We translate complex spatial data and analysis into clear output - maps, charts or the entire app.

Data clasification and filters

We display data in clear categories and filters on the map. You can easily navigate the map and pull up the data you need.

Simple data display

Mapotic can be used with Tableau, Google Data Studio or Google Analytics. With analytics, you can turn map information into business potential.


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We will look after everything for you. From connection to ongoing consulting and technical support. When the project calls for it, we’ll design an extension solution for you.

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